Today was a great art-full and adventurous Saturday! My sister and I went downtown Denver today and it was a great experience!

It's been a week or two since Denver Art Week and there were so many new (+old) murals I got to see today. Downtown we found an Annual Christmas Festival open to the public on 16th Street Mall and we stopped by to see what artist in their booths had to show!

After spending about an hour downtown, Syd and I drove to Santa Fe Art District where we saw again, more beautiful murals, and I got to stop by one of my favorite art galleries down there, Sync Art Gallery!

The art this gallery was hosting today was wonderful! The artist, Cody, was there along with a veteran artist who is planning to open up her own art gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this New Year.

They both gave me great advice in how to put my foot in the art community, specifically Denver, and they were so supportive. This was a great experience to have and I heard things that are going to help me move further in my career as an artist!

AND tomorrow Sync Gallery and Galleries on Santa Fe are hosting another Sunday, "The Art of Brunch," which I am planning to go to!

How was your Saturday??

XOXO Love + Good Vibes... -JAY RAY THANK YOU for supporting me! DM Me and let me know how I can support you!

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